Valia Dimitrova

address: Sofia

Of Valentina Dimitrova - an artist

She was born in 1960.
She graduated from the College of
Architecture and Construction in Sofia, Bulgaria.
She has been painting intensely since 1995. A little bit later she started working
professionally in the studio of the graduate artist Liubomir Doichev.
The works of Valentina Dimitrova are mainly oil paintings and
She arranged her personal exhibitions in Sofia in:
- 2000 - in the Irida Gallery in Interpred World Trade Center

- 2001 - in Atelie'96 Gallery
- 2003 - in the Cafe-Club in The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
participated in joined exhibitions in 2002, 2004 and 2006 in the Astri Gallery in Sofia.
In 2006 she presented her paintings in the Bansko
ski resort.
There is a permanent show of her works in one of the Nedelia Sweet shops in the center of Sofia.
Her paintings are
also exhibited in the foyers of several administrative buildings in Sofia, one of which is the building of Technoimportexport.
A part of
the works of Valentina Dimitrova is owned by leading companies and collectors in Bulgaria and abroad.