Anton Adam's

address: N.GEROV

Born in
Plovdiv.Graduates at The National Art Academy in Sofia in 1990.Speciality Grafics in Professor Peter Chuklev’course.

  • 1989 – First private exhibition in Old Town Plovdiv.

  • 1991 - Becomes a member of the Assotiation of Bulgarian Artist

  • Plovdiv. co-founder of Art Union 26-5.
  • 1991 – Takes part in general exhibition Figurative and Unfigurative,includet in the program of The European Culture Month.

  • 1997 – National Art Fair Impression.

  • 1998 – National Art Fair Impression-privat participation through the period of The European Culture Month.

  • 1999 – Participation in ART BEZISTEN /The European Culture Month/.
    Privat exhibitions /Lucas Gallery/
    Total Art and Friends exhibition /ADAM’S ART GALLERY/
    General art exhibitions Cristmas – 99 /ADAM’S ART GALLERY/.
    Exhibition 26-5 /DISONANS GALLERY/
    Exhibition Faces /FRENCH CULTURE CENTER ALLIANCE/, dedicated to 160-th. Annivercary of PAUL SEZAN’S birth.
  • September 2000 –
    exhibition instalations,, ETHNO SPACE – project” /MODERN ART CENTER-Old Bath – Plovdiv/.

  • 2003 - Exhibition ,,Internacional vizual artist’’, ART-DOMAIN Gallery, Balearic Island /Maiorca/,Spain.

  • 2003 - General exhibition ,,Art Contemporary Visions’’- modern art./ADAM’S ART GALLERY/.

  • 2003 - Participation in ,,ABC’’-project, Bulgaria – Netherlands.

  • 2003 - Art exhibitions ,,NEDBUL’’- hotel,,Seasons’’- Triavna.

  • 2003 – ,,Christmas exhibitions’’,/ADAM’S ART GALLERY/

  • 2004 --,,The door’’ exhibition instalations-videoart , Centre of contemporary art - /ADAM’S ART GALLERY/.

  • 1 may 2004 – participation in /art campaing/ project: Bulgaria – EU ,,10000 sunshades or umbrellas on the day of the European Union
    enlargement’’.3 umbrellas, Bulgaria, №4424, 4425, 4426 .For peace in Europe and in the world!
    Participates in exhibitions in Bulgaria, Greece and Spain.His paintings are acquired by private collections in the USA, Hong Kong, France, Denmarc
    and Spain.

European living and working in Plovdiv-Bulgaria.