Dimitar Gotsak

email: gotsak@gmail.com
phone(s): 888870654
address: Montana


Name: Dimitar Simeonov Гоцак
Pseudonym: GOTSAK

Date of Birth: May 9, 1966

Place of Birth: Montana

Address: Montana


1980 – 1985: Secondary School of Fine Arts, Sofia, Major in Wood-Carving

1992 – 1997: Master’s programme at the “Nikolay Pavlovich” National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Major in Sculpture


1988 – 2008: Participation in all joint exhibitions of the “Tenets” Association of Painters and the Representative Office of the Union of Bulgarian
Painters in Montana

1990: First individual exhibition – small sculpture, wood-carving and textile at the “Kiril Petrov” art gallery

1991: Second individual exhibition – сериография, Club of Cultural Figures, Montana

1996: Third Individual Exhibition – sculpture (metal, wood, ceramics) in the “Kutlovitsa” exhibition hall, Montana

1998: Participation in a joint graphics exhibition at the “St. Kliment Ohridski” University of Sofia

1999: Participation in a joint exhibition (plastic arts) of the “Sculpture” Department of the National Academy of Art in the “Sezoni” (Seasons)
gallery, Sofia

2002: Fourth individual exhibition in the “Lyuta” gallery, Montana

February, 2004: Participation in the “Nude” exhibition in the “Kutlovitsa“ exhibition hall, Montana

March, 2004: Fifth individual exhibition (plastic arts) in the “Kiril Petrov” art gallery, Montana

May, 2004: Joint exhibition with Simeon Gotsak in the “Geo Milev” municipal library, Montana


2001: Monument of Petar Bogdan, Chiprovtsi

Monument of Petar Bogdan in the yard of the Secondary School of Foreign Languages, MOntana

2003 – 2004: bust monument of Yordan Pachev – Volodya, village of Vinogradets, Pazarzhik municipality

Plein Air’s:

September, 1996: Participation in the National Plein Air on Wood Plastic Arts, village of Burziya

2001, 2003: Participation in the National Plein Air on Painted Ceramics, Montana септември

2004: Participation in the International Plein Air on Wood Plastic Arts, village of Burziya

2004: Manager of the International Plein Air on Painted Ceramics “From 11 to 77”, Montana 2004, carried out under the auspices of the Swiss Cultural