Atanas Matsoureff

phone(s): 359898233254

1975, 12-th
Aug - Born in the town of Bansko, Bulgaria.
1994- Graduated from the woodcarving class in his native town and soon after forgot about carving.
1996- Moved to live in Sofia and for the first time had a chance to show some of the paintings in an art gallery.
1998- Discovered water colours as a means of expression and this changed my life.
2003- Illustrates for "Simply Read Books" Publishing Company, Vancouver,
Canada. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (affiliated to the International Association of Art IAA, UNESCO) since 2004.

2000 - First one-man show at the "Festa" Gallery, Sofia.
2001 - One-man show "Secrets" at the "Sharon" Gallery, Sofia.
2001 - One-man show-"Landscapes" at the "Festa" Gallery, Sofia.
2002 - One-man show-"States" at the "Astry" Gallery, Sofia.
2003 - One-man show at the "Vidima" Gallery, Sevlievo, Bulgaria.
2004 - One-man show-"My world" at the "Astry" Gallery, Sofia.
2004 - Participated in an exhibition, "Rusi Karabiberov" Gallery, Nova Zagora
2004 - Participated in first plain-air painting of fine art, Nova Zagora
2005 - One-man show-"13 nudes" at the "Astry" Gallery, Sofia.
2005 - One-man show- landscapes at the "Grita" Gallery, Sofia.
2006 - One-man show- "Rooms of silence" at the "Grita" Gallery, Sofia.
2006 - Participated in an exhibition - "St. Nicolaus day " at the "Grita" Gallery, Sofia.
2007 - Participated in an exhibition - "Forming the Emptiness" at the "Astry" Gallery, Sofia.
2008 - One-man show- "Realism" at the Centre - atelier "Nikolai Shmirgela ", Sofia.

Works of the artist are owned by private collections in Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, England, Greece, Holland, Canada, and Germany.