kalina georgieva-pavlova

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phone(s): 001-347-239-6775
address: New York,USA

104-40 92nd Avenue, Richmond Hill NY 11418
Tel/Fax: (718)847-8982, Cell:(347)239-6775, e-mail: kali_na_georg@yahoo.com

08/02-01/04 NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ART, Sofia, Bulgaria
Master’s degree in woodcarving

08/99-05/02 NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ART, Sofia, Bulgaria
Bachelor’s degree in woodcarving, sculpture and modeling

09/92-05/97 ART AND CRAFT SCHOOL, Triavna, Bulgaria
Specialization in woodcarving and wood sculpture

09/2005 Art exhibition – QCFMuseum, New York City
Second prize and honorable award. With Queens Wood-Carving Club.

05/2004 National Woodcarving Exhibition – Sofia, Bulgaria
Presented my MA thesis work: a wooden dress, to the best of my knowledge, the only one of its kind. Newspaper and TV interviews.

08/2003 Sculpture symposium – wood sculptures, Chiflic, Bulgaria.

10/2003 Painting exhibition: Rotwail, Germany.

09/2002 Sculpture symposium: wood sculptures, Basria, Bulgaria.

06/2002 Sculpture symposium: wood sculptures, Jasna Poliana, Bulgaria.

11/2002 Sculpture symposium: wood sculptures, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Private exhibition at City Art Museum.

08/2001 National wood sculpture exhibition, organized by the Union of
Bulgarian Artists in National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.

12/2001 National wood sculpture symposium – Jasna Poliana, Russia:
awarded second prize in competition “Art Ytong Sculpture.”

Participation in a sculpture exhibition in the Bulgarian Cultural
Center, Budapest, Hungary.

Second exhibition of personal paintings: art gallery, Gabrovo,

1997 Second prize in a national competition: “Slaveikov Days” in honor
of Bulgarian poet P. Slaveikov.

1996 First exhibition of personal painting in Regional Art Gallery, Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

For a full collection of my work, including wood sculptures, icons, woodcarving and more, visit my web site:
http://kalina-art00.trypod.com (please,open in Yahoo or Google)