Mariana Toneva

phone(s): 00359 885 624 454
address: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Mariana Toneva was born in 1965 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Her areas of work are painting and interior design. She's had solo and group exhibitions in Plovdiv, Sofia, Pazardzhik and Varna. Her works are part of private collections in Bulgaria and abroad.

Her works are the thresholds that tempt us to go to the other side. They are the gates, ideas and the material structure of an inner journey. Magical and enchanting, they lead to knowledge. They seduce and allude, because the end point of a journey is as important as the road itself.

Her art is known for its expressiveness and bold compositions, generalizing in symbols the magical knowledge. Encoded in our minds, it stimulates us to search and find it, to understand it, even by only intuition. This makes the author's paintings intelligible, provoking and warm.

The freedom to be herself turns her into a modern author, combining expressiveness and honesty. As she says - "Art's meaning isn't in what the artist creates, but in the fact that art is created through the artist." Her art is a process and a purposeful inner search.
00359 885 624 454