Maria Dobreva

phone(s): 01 770 558 4472
address: Atlanta

I was born on May 25^th 1948 in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria.
I have graduated from the Technical School of Ceramic and Glass studies,
Decoration Section.
For many years I have done photo editing and touch ups for the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce through a company called
In 1998, the will of fortune took me to Beirut, Lebanon, where I lived for 2 years. It was there where I found my vocation and
where I made my first humble appearances in the art circles.
I started writing poems and started painting with oil paints, in the beginning
landscapes and flowers, and later on images that I see in my mind and then recreate on canvas.
They are these messages of the universe that I
strongly believe are meant for the good of the humankind.
I cannot really describe the feeling when I am writing or painting. The closest that
I can explain it to be, is that it is striving for the prosperity and the good of the whole.
I accept all the colors in different times of
inspiration and I try to pass on this invigorating energy to every person who looks at my creations.
I live with my family in Atlanta, USA,
since 2001 now. I display my paintings not only at galleries, but at other various institutions – whatever possibilities are available.
first shows were in Atlanta in 2002 and 2003, followed by another show in Savannah, Georgia in January 2004.
In March 2004, I exhibited at the
“World Fine Art” gallery in New York.
In 2005 I was part of a combined art show in a private gallery in Belize.
I display my work at
local churches and banks, with the only thought of helping people to see and to stir the positive thinking which can be found deep in the souls of
all human beings.
For me the spirituality is a main driving force. My desire is through my paintings and poems to touch the souls of the people
who are ready to open their mind towards the goodness and the light.