Nikolay Marinov

phone(s): 888271589
address: Sofia
Nikki /Nikolay Marinov/ works in the area of fine and graphic arts.

His pictures are filled with images and signs, overlapping each other in a two-dimensional plane.

Nikki's abstractions are similar to tales told with single word...

1966 - born in Plovdiv

1997 - graduated Academy of Fine Arts - Sofia, Painting faculty

Selected one-man-shows

1996 Gallery Melon, Sofia

2001 Gallery Bovjel, Plovdiv

2003 Gallery ART 36, Sofia

2006 GallerySeasons, Sofia

Human being and his world are the subject-matter of the paintings of Nikolay Marinov.

In his cycles “Watersides”, ”Faces”, “Dimensions” he is guided by what he sees and feels, by what surrounds him but in a peculiar, odd

The artist splits off from the natural prototype, which passes through a process of transformation and turns it into his “vision”, into an
independent artistic language. He separates the brightest for him sign and sensory elements and makes them the main contents of his works of art.

Images which turn into specific abstract elements of a common structure. The whole and its parts or the parts of the whole – the sense, the
emotion emerge from the interrelations, which the parts themselves acquire amongst each other. They are bound to the adjacent, the encompassing,
intertwining parts and are in relation with each other and interact with each other. The works of art, built up in this manner on a composition
principle, as the creations of nature are, grow up naturally as independent characters – everything overlaps, enters one another. They remind
structural reliefs but full of “softness” and “vividness”. The color, the shape, the line play a key part in the creation of their symbolic contents.

Untwining the compositions of Nikolay Marinov we find out the individual layers, the individual signs and images of what was seen,
experienced, felt. Peering at the depicted watersides, dimensions or faces we discover a reality with its own dimensions – known and unknown, remote
and close to us.

Adelina Fileva