Rumen Dimitrov

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address: Veliko Tarnovo

R U M E N M I H O V D I M I T R O V / P O P A /


1965 – born in Opaka, BULGARIA1984 –finished the High school of Art in the town of Kazanlak

1992 –graduated from Veliko Tarnovo– Cyril and Methodii University in the

specialty Art of painting / Master of Art

1999 –establish the DUPPINI Art Group

2000 –elected member of the UBA( Union of the Bulgarian Artists )

P R E S E N T A T I O N S / S Y M P O S I A / W O R K S H O P S

1991 – happening, PAINTING ROCKS, Sinemorez village, Bulgaria

1992 –students Workshop in Nitra, Slovakia

1999 –International Plain-air in Arbanasi village and Veliko Tarnovo

2000 –International Art Colony: Lesnovo; Mihailovo & Ohrid”Momir”, Macedonia

1st International Symposium in Duppini village

2001 –International Art Colony: Mihailovo & Ohrid “Momir”, Macedonia

International Symposium Duppini,Plain-air Petrich &”PleOner”Kjstendil, Bulgaria

International Art Symposium, Gellivare, Sweden

2002 –International Symposium Duppini, Plain-air ”PleOner-2”, Bansko, Bulgaria

International Workshop in Zadar, Chroatia

International Sculptural Symposium /wood - Yasna Polyana

International Sculptural Symposium in Plovdiv

International Symposium for plastic and performing arts in Yasna Polyana village

2003- International Sculptural Symposium /sand stone – Vejprty, Czech Republic

International Symposium Duppini ; Plain-air Shkorpilovtzy

2004 – Plain-air- Albena, Plain-air -Balchik, International Symposium Duppini, Bulgaria

International Process Space Festival - Balchik, Bulgaria

International Sculpturral Symposium /wood - Prostejov, Czech Republic

2005 – International sculpture Symposium “Stone in the Galilee”,Israel

International Art-in-nature Symposium, Natuurkunst Drenthe, The Netherlands

International Plain-air “Zlatjo Bojadziev”, Plovdiv

International Lake Vyrnwy sculpture Symposium, Wales

Art in Public space, Donumenta Festival, Regensburg, Germany

2006 – International sculpture Symposium “Stone in the Galilee”, Israel

International sculpture Symposium Saksala, Finland

9th International Sculpture Symposium, Borkel en Schaft, The Netherlands

Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, South Korea

Residency at Valparaiso Foundation, Mojacar, Spain

2007 – Symposium International de sculpture, Morges, Switzerland

Self Caerleon Arts Sculpture Symposium, Wales

Internationales NaturKunst Forum, Licherode, Germany

Art Camp in Lazar castle, Lazarea, Harghita Country, Romania

International Troyan ceramics Symposium, Troyan, Bulgaria

International Art Camp, Salt stone, Sovata, Romania

2008 – 6th International Bressuire Symposium, France

Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, South Korea

1st International Art Passage, Bad Schlema, Germany

A W A R D S / P R I Z E S

1998 – Award from the Open Society from the Autumn Exhibition - V. Tarnovo

1999 – First Prize for Art of painting from Union of Bulgarian Artists on National Young

Artists Exhibition

2000 – Award for perspective young artist of the Artea Gallery , Varna

2000 – Award on group Duppini on National young Artists Exhibition – V. Tarnovo

2003 – Second Prize for Sculpture from Radio Free Europe on the International Sculpture

Symposium-Sandstone in Vejprty, Czech Republic

2003 – Award from Union of Bulgarian Artist from the Autumn Exhibition- V. Tarnovo

S E L E C T E D O N E - P E R S O N E X H I B I T I O N S

1993 –Spektar Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo

1997 –Sirakov Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo; Art Club, Popovo

1998 –Artea Gallery, Varna

1999 –Spektar Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo

2000 –Ethnographic Museum, Plovdiv

2001 –Exhibition Hall,Dobrich; Artea Gallery, Varna; Exhibition Hall, Shoumen

2002 –Spektar Gallery, Veliko Tarnovo; Artea Gallery, Varna; Exhibition Hall, Vidin

2003 –Artamontzev Gallery, Sofia; Zograf Gallery, Varna

2004 – Seasons Gallery, Sofia

2005 – The Dandolov Houses Art Gallery, Sevlievo

2006 – Juka Gallery, Varna

S E L E C T E D G R O U P E X H I B I T I O N S & E V E N T S

1993 –LUD ART GALLERY, London (with students from Sofia & Veliko Tarnovo )

1999 –14th International Biennial of humour and satire in the arts, Gabrovo;

Exhibition Hall, Veliko Tarnovo(with DUPPINI)

2000 –Exhibition Halls, Veliko Tarnovo; Plovdiv & Vidin ;Action to save a tree (D)

“One generation with some Differences”, Vidin/ Curator Bogdan Aleksandrov

The Camp Action in Vidin,”Viaduct”( with art group Viaduct )

2001 –Exhibition Halls, Sofia; Veliko Tarnovo & “Future for Bulgaria”,Plovdiv (D)

”The Viaduct-2”,The Sredets Hall, Sofia

Action”Sand”, Kranevo(with DUPPINI );Performance,”Egofrenia”(DUPPINI )

International exhibition at the Gellivare Municipal Museum, Sweden

2002 –Bulgarian Painting after 1989 –Salon of Arts Sofia / Curator Ruen Ruenov &

Stefania Yanakieva

Action ”The Portrait” (with DUPPINI)

Biennial of small forms, Pleven;

Action,”Sign & light” ECO ART, Russe (with DUPPINI )

2003 –International exhibition “Europa Rekonstruiertes”, Exhibition Hall, Russe;

Salon of Arts, Sofia ; Vienna, Austria

Banya Starinna, Plovdiv (with DUPPINI );The Sredets Hall, Sofia (with DUPPINI)

16th International Biennial of humour and satire in the arts, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

2005 – Project, “Locked Spaces “, Art Gallery Dobrich

2006 – August in ART, Varna festival of visual arts, Varna, Bulgaria


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