Alexandar Chavdarov

phone(s): 893341301

Perushtitsa 4225,

mob. 0893341301

Born in 1993 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Participation in Art
Competitions /Exhibitions /Art

- First Prize and a national scholarship from the Ministry of Culture to participate in National Youth Competition of Fine and Applied Arts Competition, Sofia, Bulgaria
- A certificate for participation in an international competition for drawing, FAO, United Kingdom
- Participation in outdoor charity festival organized by the Turkish Embassy in Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- video art in Weekend Festival Street Paisii Father, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- Group exhibition "Art Collage" in Mexican house, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- Traveling exhibition,Romphea Gallery, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
- An incentive award in the annual exhibition''The Drawing", NHU Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- A charity auction to support the treatment of children suffering from multiple sclerosis, Bulgaria
- Second prize and a scholarship from Ministry of Culture to participate in a national exhibition of art schools, gallery Sredets, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Fourth prize of a national drawing competition for Fine Arts school, Sofia,Bulgaria
- First prize in a competition for graffiti art "The Water", Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- Second prize and a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture national competition for academic drawing, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Exhibition opening Shopping Center Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- Third Prize scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and an international competition ARTKOLAZH, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- Exhibition on the occasion of 33rd anniversary of the SHU Tsanko Lavrenov, City Art Gallery, Plovdiv
- International Exhibition, Torun, Poland
- Competition on "Shark", Australia
- An incentive award in an international drawing contest on the topic: "Planet Earth", UNEP, Tokyo, Japan
- International exhibition of children's sculpture, Oslo, Norway
- Third prize in a National drawing contest, AQUAFRESH, Varna, Bulgaria
- International competition for drawing on "Desert and depopulation, Brussels, Belgium
- International exhibition of paintings on the theme "Green Cities", UNEP, Geneva, Switzerland
- National drawing contest on the topic: "No smoking", Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
- National drawing contest on the theme "Help in Trouble", Sofia, Bulgaria
- International competition for drawing on "climate change, how to stop this process, Geneva, Belgium
- International exhibition of children's drawings / Tokyo, Japan
- A monthly contest for a magazine illustration "One" on "Weeds", Bulgaria
- International Competition for magazine illustration "One" on "Wet", Bulgaria
- First Prize of a regional drawing competition entitled "No drugs, to having a future!" / Perushtitsa, Bulgaria
- Diploma of participation in an international sculpture symposium in wood / meadow s.Yasna, Bulgaria
- Second prize in an international competition entitled "Bridges of Tolerance Language" / Sofia, Bulgaria
- Special Prize of the Turkish cultural attaché to participate in international exhibition of paintings / Sofia, Bulgaria
- National competition and exhibition entitled "Occupation Firefighter / Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- Participation in "Night Gallery, Gallery Heros / Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- First solo exhibition in the lobby of the Art School in Plovdiv in 2007 / Plovdiv, Bulgaria
- First prize and a diploma for participation in a national children's poster contest entitled "No to drugs!" / Sofia, Bulgaria

Works of Alexander Chavdarov owned by connoisseurs from Bulgaria, France, Britain, Belgium.

- Visit the British Museum and Tate Gallery in London
- Seen the Royal Museum in Brussels and the home of Rubens in Antwerp