Valentin Hristov

phone(s): 888606066
address: Sofia
Valentin Hristov is born in Sofia.
He learns in Technical school for photography and poligraphy - Sofia, whereupon graduates "Nikolai Pavlovich" Higher Institute of Fine Arts - Sofia. After the Academy, till 1990 takes part in number of common arts exhibitions, organized from UBA. After 1990 he works by several big publishing houses. Till 2004 he has more than 600 cover models of books and periodicals, above 3 600 illustrations and caricatures, published in leading national editions. For the last years he has more than 15 self-dependent presentations, mostly with graphical technics. The last few years he directs to the canvas and to the bigger format of his works.
Valentin Hristov is a bulgarian artist, successful approved in the country as well as abroad. He billows of landscape painting and figural painting.
His pictures be known by typical authors hand - clearly detached size, bright colour and relief surface. They are draw with scope and imagination, they differ one of the expressive bulgarian creator. The exceptional sense of colour and big power of suggestion, the massive and alive, scintillated and saturated lines of the brush, the deep texture - all these build one`s own artistic world, affected from the best models of the old master of Bulgarian art of painting.
V. Hristov is searched painter. He likes the instigation and he allows to be lead from the intuition. In his works, he presents strong character and taste to the experiment and diversity. His works are in possession of number of private gallery in country and abroad.