Svilen Georgiev

address: Varna
Svilen Stoyanov Georgiev

20. 12.1979 years

Born in the town of Gen.. Toshevo live in Varna

The 1994-1999

He studied art in SUI "Dobri Hristov" in Varna

2001 - 2006

VTU "St. St. Cyril and Methodius Veliko Turnovo subject pedagogy of art - sculpture professor at Milan Andreev


Joint exhibition "Our World" - State Archive of Varna
Together with Kremena Georgieva and Ilia Iliev

24.05 2000

Varna vsegradski participate in art and pop festival with an exhibition of paintings

19.12 2000

Joint exhibition with Kremena Georgieva, Dimitar Nikolov and Ilia Iliev - "direction" gallery "B. Georgiev" Varna

On 05.05.2001

Mixed exhibition, show, show - gallery-Aktivart'' "impulses" Varna


"Christmas Exhibition Gallery House of masters' Palace of Culture and Sports - Varna

On 19.03.2002

"Looking Beyond the 'joint exhibition Kremena Georgieva, Dimitar Nikolov, Ilia Iliev, Miroslav Yordanov, Svilen Georgiev - GHG" Boris Georgiev - Varna


Bianale of graphics gallery Lessedra Sofia Sofia

20. 01. 2004

Retrospective 60 years SUI "Dobri Hristov" GHG B. Georgiev "Varna

On 04.05.2004

"Meeting" Joint exhibition, painting, graphics, sculpture Donika Yordanova, Philip Palov, Edward Enicharyan, Svilen Georgiev, Iliya Iliev - GHG "Boris Georgiev" Varna

On 04.10.2006

Exhibition "where ..." painting, graphics, sculptor, collage - together with Yavor Penev, Ilian Iliev, Donika Yordanova, Bilyana Borissova - GHG "Boris Georgiev" Varna


Exhibition "In Search of the image" - a collection of artists working during the last 10 years together. Meeting of the creators of speech, vision and music which surprisingly received recognition "award for image search."