Elena Olimpiev

email: elenaarts@gmail.com
phone(s): +359895 44 67 96
Born on 5th of May 1980, Elena Perfanova-Olimpiev graduates from “High school of Fine Arts - ak. Ilia Petroff” in 1998. The same year she enrolls at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, specialty – graphic arts, in the class of Professor Christo Staikoff. In 2002 she graduates with honors with Bachelor of Arts degree and in 2004 she earns a Master of Arts degree in graphics.

As an artist Elena participates in many exhibitions in Bulgaria and other countries – “biannual exhibition of graphic’ in Varna, Bulgaria; yearly competition “Exlibris” of library “Slaska” in Poland, many exhibitions “Small graphics”, and traveling exhibitions.

She gets her first prize in a drawings competition as a student in the National Academy of Arts.

Her works can be found in private, corporate, and celebrity collections and galleries.

In her works Elena always provokes the interest of the art viewers by helping them to look beyond the initial impression, to search themselves, and to discover their true personality projected on the image. The hidden must be revealed and manifested. The obvious must take a second place and be unostentatious. With her works Elena wants to unveil secrets, to change the focus, to show the way…

Now she is living and working in Sofiq-Bulgaria.