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Janetta Ivanova
Born in Sofia in 1976. Graduated master degree in Theology, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". Wrote verses from his teenage years playing guitar and composing songs. Later fascinated by art and cinematography after a short course starts work as a TV camera operator for a publishing house named:"Membranes". She is pursuing her passionate hobby, making jewellery, wood ornaments, textiles and ceramics. In the very beginning of her career and in a multi-coloured rainbow of art, she begins to make her first steps very timidly. Artist Guild of Sofia founds her on her first solo exhibition of jewellery in 2007 at the Ethnographic Museum in the chambers of Queen Joanna. Casually scattered exhibits, and the musical debut of the author together with the unconventional presentation, quickly captured the hearts of the audience. Followed by an investment offer in her art from several prominent artists who recognized the artist in her. Janeta undergo training in ceramics and painting as well as fine art. Along with the enrichment of her knowledge in the art, she continues to participate in individual and joint exhibitions. She is using alias as ‘’Jana Light’’ or ‘’Jana Art’’.
A brief track of the major events in the life of the artist:

2007 - Participation in the photographic exhibition gallery "Art Muse".
2006 - 2007 - Participation in performances in Sofia: galleries "Art Muse", "Duke";
2007 - First solo exhibition of jewellery in the Ethnographic Museum - Sofia.
2007 - Participation in the exhibition Spiridonova Sofia UBA joint work "Symphony" - Diploma
2007 - Participation at the "Alma Mater" / paintings - mixed media / University "St. Kliment Ohridski "
2008 - Jointly exhibition "To respond to the resurrection" Plovdiv "Ethnographic Museum
2008 - Personal exhibition "Save Planet Earth" in a TV studio at the shows called: "Hope" “....And one more thing" as well.
2009 - Jointly exhibition of fine art at the house-museum ‘’Boris Christoff ‘’- Sofia, Bulgaria.
2010 - General UBA installation section 13
2011 - First exhibition-poster contest "Journalism in a calorie" with her personal art work called: "The Eighth Day".
2012 - Solo exhibitions at "The Egg bar", "Amsterdam Bar" and "The Art Hotel".

2011 - 2013 – Performances in France, Greece, Spain, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, England
2013 – 2015 – Performances in UK, Wales

Her paintings are in private collections in Slovakia. The artist also has donated her works to the museum house named: ‘’Boris Christoff’’- Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as private collections in Bulgaria. She is working on projects related to the environment and support orphanages and drug addicted youth.

When it comes to art, Jana Light turns her poetry into music, pictures and her paintings are authentic reflection of her soul, views and thoughts. The Painting for her is to reveal the deepest part of your heart, faith, hope and love, and to create songs means everything!
As an Artist Jana Light, moves from applied arts, ceramics and graphics to painting.
She likes to work with different natural materials such as sand, wood, clay, stones, shells and more. Painting from nature and contemplating the objects of it is a real pleasure for her.
"The drawing is like a melody and has to be experienced as this is the only way where you could get the real message and the real value hidden in itself. Then you put your feelings and communicate with those who touch the creation. This moment of reception and transmission is special for everyone, because it is marked with a dash of eternity "- says the author.
An interesting fact is that Jana Light begins to see pictures in her poems and songs. Irrepressible outburst of her innovative and abstract compositions erupted initially in the form of mini ceramic sculptures, landscapes and paintings. Gradually the fine art became her passion. She has participated in a small and large exhibitions organized by various galleries in Bulgaria.
She is doing performances on the streets of Sofia, Black Sea coast and some of the main European capitals as: Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, Paris, Madrid. What else will come up in her mind is only a brief matter of time?
Some of her ideas are inspired by native folklore, legends and songs .....