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address: Bulgaria/Sofia

About Project Unique Art Lamp ~

Unique Art Lamps are symbols of the human inner light – the Light we bear, radiate and reflect!
Every lamp reflects and resembles our unique individuality…

In my experience, this project turned into a Zen image of a small and mystical Universe, a model of applicable knowledge and conveyed messages; of life experience, intense feelings and vivid imagination shaped into beautiful forms and brought to life by the lively dance of light.

The creation process included many materials taken directly from nature, as well as materials from the world of technology: wood, carton, cardboard, river stones and stones from the sea, semi precious stones, crystals, color minerals, marble, glass, Japanese plaster, aluminum, dry clay, acrylic paints, varnishes and many more.

Unique Art Lamp combines the wisdom of the East and its intuitive knowing of natural Feng Shui; the free spirit, elegance and experimentalism of the Western culture; the serenity and introspection, silence, perfection and functionality of the North; and the warmth and light, colorfulness and aliveness of the South.

The light radiates trough a structural grid on the top of each lamps and projects a light rosette forming The Flower of Life. It is the model of Creation, which reveals the secrets of our own physical existence and the entire world around us.

The harmonious proportion of the forms and lines in the sacred geometry of the Flower of Life - the one penetrating the whole Creation - completes each Unique Art Lamp creation.