Nevena Shomova

phone(s): 899921753
My name is Nevena Stancheva SHOMOV. I was born in Kazanlak on January 4, 1985 godina.Izrasnala s.Koprinka am to 4 km. the city into a family of sladkari.I because each carries his cross, I decided to develop his talent as hudozhnik.Mechtaya love with which paint can be carried over to the holders of the pictures mi.Iskam when you look at my work in it to advance peace and be flooded with psychic lyubov.Shte peace and be happy one day, someone told me that my paintings are energy-loaded bear love and happiness. Besides painting I like to deal with spiritual reading, scientific and artistic literature, listening to music, walking with my friends and games with my little detentse.Kato kind'm very emotional person, a dreamer, sometimes naively believe in the goodness of people and therefore I often without friends, easily disappointed, almost always smiling and others do their impression that I am very zhiznena.Ami it is generally about me, other things ... like to know.