Milena Milusheva

phone(s): +359886 441230
A r t i s t i c B i o g r a p h y

Milena Milusheva - Abstract Painter

• Color pencils;
• Oil pastels;
• Tempera;
• Watercolor;
• Painting on glass;
• Oil;
• Painting with fingers;

Milena Milusheva paintings - an incredible abstract sense of the world around us, a magic touch of colors and beauty of imagination.

Milena Kirilova Milusheva was born in 1966 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She graduated from the Higher Institute of Chemical Technology with a degree in Chemical Technology of Wood. She worked in different areas of private business, and currently is employed in the Bulgarian State Railways /BDZ EAD/.

In 1998, an inexplicable desire to paint arises into her heart. For a short period of time she is entirely overtaken by the creative need to paint with color pencils, oil pastel with watercolor, tempera and oil, to visibly express the emotional turmoil of her inner spiritual world.

In July 2002 she opens her first solo exhibition in Varna, entitled "Provocation - Spiral of Time” in the Aretha Gallery. Milena Milusheva exhibits paintings of the cycle "Seasons”: “Spring”, “Summer," "Autumn," "Winter"; a series of paintings on glass and works of the so-called fractal painting.
Unlike the realistic painting where the creative messages are obvious, Milusheva abstractly and almost transcendentally expresses herself in one accessible, understandable way for almost everyone with a need for spiritual upliftment. The visitor is provoked by the diversity of colors and shapes shedding from her paintings, which draw no borders on imagination.

In August 2003, TV RTL, impressed by her paintings, and their positive impact, presents them in its program for Bulgaria.

In May 2007 Milena Milusheva opens her second solo exhibition entitled "Beyond Time" in Palitra Gallery in Sofia. There are presented abstract paintings affecting human imagination, intuition and layers of unconsciousness, and influencing in different ways the viewers with their energy power and emanation.
Milena Milusheva recreates specific individuals with their problems, life and spirituality, refracted through the artist's perception.

In October 2009 she opens her third solo exhibition entitled "Beyond the Wall" at the French Cultural Institute in Sofia. The exhibition is dedicated to 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Before The Wall such public presentation of abstract works would have been almost impossible. Now, ever-growing community of connoisseurs of such expression of internal feelings is a result of extensive changes after The Wall.
Here are the words of Professor Stilian Kavlakov, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Florida State University, who opened the exhibition:
“For me, dealing with the precise laws of mathematics and astrophysics, was difficult for a long time to understand the sensibility of the artist behind the fantastic forms on the painting, to read her thoughts on the strange color combination lying on the canvas.
But ... fantastic new accurate color images of distant parts of our universe appeared, where billions of stars, linked in endless galaxies are moving with great speed to interact, connect and explode in order to release their huge energy. On the obtained photographs these purely cosmic star movements, subject to precise mathematical equations represent a fantastic combination of lines and colors. Only one step was needed to see how these images of our vast universe resemble the emotional creations of those who are called to express them on the white field.
Amazing is that my colleague Professor Eric Heller, a specialist in the field of nanotechnology found the same analogy between the display of processes in the microsystems. Using powerful computer he shows the abstract beauty of atoms as pieces of art.
Our friend Milena, graduate expert on industrial chemistry, perhaps subconsciously pierced the same. It is evident that the complex movement of chemical molecules has affected in some way the expression of her sensuality. She managed to open her eyes high up and without even know it - to recreate the vast universe in peculiar lines. She managed to look around and absorb the beauty and diversity of the great nature and with her talent to present it in wonderful combinations of colors.
Do not be angry with me that here I will not use the language of art critics and experts, but I will say: Milena does this remarkably well.”

Milena Milusheva has a series of appearances in joint exhibitions in the town of Kyustendil in the Vladimir Dimitrov - Maistora Gallery:

March 2003 Exhibition "Women artists"

December 2003 Annual exhibition of artists of Kyustendil

March 2004 Exhibition "Women artists"

March 2007 Exhibition "Women artists"

December 2007 Annual exhibition of artists of Kyustendil

March 2008 Exhibition "Women artists"

March 2008 Exhibition " Spring in Kyustendil”

December 2008 Annual exhibition of artists of Kyustendil

March 2009 Exhibition "Women artists"

March 2009 Exhibition " Spring in Kyustendil”

April 2009 Easter Exhibition "Small Format"

December 2009 Annual exhibition of artists of Kyustendil

March 2010 Exhibition "Women artists"

From August 2008 Milena Milusheva is a member of the Society of Artists of Kyustendil.

Joint exhibition in Sofia:

December 2009 Exhibition at Railway officials Club in Sofia

Here's what she says about her paintings:
My paintings are not only a challenge to myself but a provocation to all people. By
expressing the optimistic view and reflection on life, with rich colors and different techniques I express the beauty of nature, feelings and thoughts. This is my attitude to life, in most cases life affirming, suggested by the predominant color tones, but also more serious and dark shades, giving grounds to philosophical reflection.
Diversity of feelings and events in our lives, in particular our lives in Bulgaria gives me a continuous challenge for reflection, but also individual sense of every change of seasons, rich and distinctive for their colors, combined with the unique nature of Bulgaria.