Valeri Tsvetkov

phone(s): 887915785
address: ?????

Curriculum vitae

Name: Valeri Tsvetkov

Date of birth: 20th May 1963 [ in Kustendil,Bulgaria ]

Edukation: 1990 graduated at the Academy of the Fine Arts in Sofia-in the field of murals

Exhibitions: 1990-2008 Mani participations in General Art Exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad

1992 A one-man show in "Arosita"Gallery'Sofia

1993 An automnal hall- Sofia

1993 Self-portraits exhibition-Bulgaria

1994 A one-man show in Donauwoert-Germany

1995-2003 "Georg's Gallery"-Westerland/Sylt,Germany

2000 A one-man show in hotel" Sheraton" ,Bulgaria

2003 " Sala Barna"-Barselona, Espana

2005 A one-man show in "Lik "Gallery, Sofia

2006 A one-man show in "Pleada" Gallery ,Pazardjik, Bulgaria

2007 A one-man show in Grand Hotel Sofia, Bulgaria

2008 A one-man show in Grand Hotel Sofia ,Bulgaria

2009 A one-man show in “ Bogoridi” Gallery –Burgas

2010 A one-man show in Grand Hotel Sofia,Bulgaria

Realised murals: 1990 "Bulgaria in the time" , distemper,123 School, Sofia , Bulgaria

1991 "Creation", distemper, Kostenetz, Bulgaria

Prizes: 1986 First prize-winner for a portrait of a historical hero

1988 First prize-winner of a nude paintings competition

1993 Prize-winner of young artists competition

2003 A prize on art of painting at Gallery "Sala Barna" , Barselona

Many of my works are now owned by the National Picture Gallery in Sofia and by private collections in Bulgaria,

Holland, Portugal, Greece, Germany, the USA etc.