Atanas Vasilev

address: Rusalka 14, Sofia 1505, Bulgaria

1955 Born on 7th of May in Pavlikeni, Bulgaria

1975 Wins a competition for artist-animator in The Animation films studio "Sofia". Works with the most famous Bulgarian directors. Participates in the creation of more than 100 short and 4 feature animation films. With a group of young animators they built up the face of the Bulgarian animation cinema and lifted it in leading positions within the World animation.

1987 Invited in Hungary, where he worked on the feature film "Felix The Cat".

1989 Invited in Germany, where participated in a project for Hessen TV.

Takes part in local and international exhibitions of humour and satire with his plastic arts and satiric drawings.His works are also published in the satiric press. Winner of Bulgarian and world film festivals.