Hristian-Hristosiy Sokolov

phone(s): +359 886 14 48 48
address: Sofia
Hristian - Hristosiy is an artist - native talent.
Fluke it connects with one of the students of prof.Iliya Beshkov - Alexander Bobanats- Graphic art and Sculpture, which has a beneficial impact on the creative development of the young artist in the school years as a student.
11 years old illustrate poems in the Church Journal, preparing illustrations and poetic book his mother. In 2004 year, first exhibition in Sofia, reflected in television programs on art and culture.
His works are mainly inspired by the Old Testament and New Testament of the Scriptures.
His work is in the field of Portraiture, Biblical Stories - the artist's favorite subject, Still life, Graphics, Ancient Greek mythological scenes, icon. In the small sculpture is inspired by motherhood, ritual customs. Preferred technique is Oil, but work with Tempera, Watercolor, Linoleum, Drypoint and others.