Mira Rahneva

email: mirarahneva@yahoo.com
phone(s): 359889296790
address: Bulgaria, Sofia
Mira Dankova Rahnev was born in 1981. in Sofia.

1999. - Graduated High School of Fine Arts Akad.Iliya Petrov "- Sofia, Painting.
2010. - Graduated from Sofia University "- in" Fine Arts Master's degree.

Two solo exhibitions:
2007. - Gallery "Palette", Sofia.
2010. - Gallery Fairy Art, Sofia.

In recent years, participated in many group exhibitions in Sofia and Bulgaria (Gallery Art Fairy "," Fanny "," Modulor "Red House, Astra, etc., as well as training in UBA, Art Gallery, Sofia University . University).

Mira Rahnev works mainly with oil paints, ink, gouache. She is looking for hidden symbolism of the details. Bright color, decorative approach linearity, the interest in our national folklore and eastern cultures, characterized her work

Her recent works are almost entirely focused on the topic of music, particularly jazz and folklore, and also to the beauty of the Bulgarian girls, hidden symbolism in Bulgarian folk costumes, fabrics and ...
Somewhat reminiscent of its approach to the work of artists setsesionovite, but brings his personal style.
She prefers to paint "pictures with spirit" in which viewers can find another meaning other than the initial impression, little-known energy signs, ornaments, wearing a life (eg cosmic turtle, spirals, apple elbetitsata .. .).
Her paintings are owned by Bulgarian and foreign connoisseurs (England, Poland, South Africa, Canada).