Pavlin Petrov

phone(s): 0889 10 30 80
address: The town of Sofia
The inspiration of the artist Pavlin Petrov has its own unique and unforgettable story, which starts in January 1976 in the town of Rouse. But the quiet white river named Danube did not manage to hold on nearby the future creator. The fortune with its unknown ways leaded him in the small but pretty town Tryavna. This place together with the craft’s spirit of the town of Gabrovo engrave in the Pavlin’s soul for always the love for all native and somewhere deep inside him has nested the desire to create a beauty with his hands. Although the strange and unknown for him circumstances kept the artist away from creating , they gave him the schooling of life, manage to polish fine and sharp his soul and heart, sculpting from what he was an original creator, who finds out his inspiration in the Glagolitic alphabet and Proto – Bulgarian Runes. 2008 became emblematic for Pavlin – he created his first artworks, which became a part of his traveling exhibition, named “A Glagolitic Alphabet and the Proto – Bulgarian Runes”. From its creation till now the exhibition became very popular. It was presented in many emblematic for the Bulgarian Art and Culture places like The Aula of Sofia Seminary, The Information Center of The European Union in Bulgaria, The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, in the Evening of the Galleries from The Water Boulevard’s Week for Arts and Crafts, in The Representative showrooms of the Union of the Artists in Plovdiv and in The Regional Museum of History in the town of Pazardjik. Some of these presentations was opened personally by ministers ant other officials. In all of these places the exhibition enjoys the great interest from its spectators and proves to its creator the statement that the real talent doesn’t need neither an education, nor a training, but needs an inspiration and the unique presence of its owner’s talent. Because of the great interest and all the invitation that its creator receives, the exhibition will be presented all over the country and abroad. The leather, the textile, the wood, the metal and the ceramics intertwine, overflow and translate in an indivisible one, and manage to create the unique and distinctive artistic style of Pavlin Petrov. Pavlin engraves in his works the symbols like the Monograms of Khan Asparuh, Khan Kubrat, a Glagolitic alphabet and many others signs, that Proto – Bulgarians had used in their everyday life. With this all he has managed to awake in his audience the sunked into oblivion primordial tribute to the roots of the Bulgarian people, who keeps alive till today our genetic memory. Because we all know the unquestionable truth that a person can appreciate and respect the creations of others only if he learns to appreciate and respect his own creations.

An important and integral part of Pavlin Petrov’s artistic biography is the second author’s traveling exhibition, named “A Glagolitic Alphabet”. It was presented in November 2010 in The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Day of the Bulgarian Revival Leaders and was opened personally from the Minister Nikolay Mladenov and Dr. Lyudmila Dimitrova, the Director of the Cultural Institute to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. After the opening of the exhibition in Sofia, according to Minister Mladenov’s initiative, the exposition will be shown in many places all over the world. It will represent in the unique way the Bulgarian country and its cultural heritage. The charismatic Art of Pavlin Petrov enjoys the great interest of many famous and known representatives of the Bulgarian politic, business and cultural elite, and has many connoisseurs all over the world. Some of them owns his works in their personal collections.

Along with the Glagolitic Alphabet and the Proto – Bulgarian Runes in the works of Pavlin Petrov present many symbols from many different places in the world. This fact makes his Art desirable, wanted and mystic in its own way for many collectors all over the world. Some of them send him their personal symbols with asking to be engraved in his paintings.

Pavlin Petrov has the other reason to be proud with another dream come true – in 2008 he established together with his good friend Penyo Ivanov Arts and Crafts Development Association – 7, which is a zealous guardian of all that we call Bulgarian, tries to show the great Bulgarian beauty and supports the native artists. It helps them to find a strength and courage to make their dreams come true! Because the dreams was made for that – to make them happened one by one – with a lot of Faith, Patience and Love, just like the artist the man Pavlin Petrov!!!