Ivilina Kouneva

email: i6119ster@gmail.com
phone(s): 895193901
address: Gabene 5333, Gabrovo,Bulgaria
Born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Graduated from Veliko Tarnovo University, Bulgaria, Faculty of Fine Arts, painting
Works in the field of acrylic and oil on canvas, collage & mixed media on paper and canvas.
Recent Projects and Exhibitions:
2011 -Project"Bounderless" (Swiss-Bulgarian), September 2011
-Project Exhibition -Gallery "Hristo Thsokev" Gabrovo,October, 2011
-Exhibittion in Swiss Consul, Sofia, November 2011
-Solo exhibition in The House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo, feat.Teodora Nitsolova,March 2011
-Annual Regional exhibitions of Gabrovo visual artists -May and December,2011
-International Beanalle of Humor and Satire in Arts,Gabrovo, Painting sellection