Asie Dzhibirova

phone(s): 359886188254
address: gr.Plovdiv
Аsie Dzhibirova I was born on 24.07.1980 in Plovdiv. I graduated high school in the town where I grew up.
I graduated in Fashion Studio Professional in Plovdiv in teacher Daniela Georgieva.
After completion of the School of Fashion Design, my portfolio helped me nazna4at of office fashion designers in the fashion house and formal dresses bul4enski'' Anastasia'' Avion gr.Atina in Gartsiya./2007-2011 /.
I paint since I can remember, self-taught artist sam.Maslenata lubima my technique, and deal with murals, collages, article from polymer clay, but my strast.Obekt landscapes of my art is nature and its beauty.
For his paintings using acrylic technique canvases acrylic and oil.