Lilyana Kantarska

phone(s): 0893519318
address: гр. Пловдив
Lilyana Kantarska- artist-decorator with name MatureArt
The main activity of MatureArt is manufacturing , installation , replacement of painted , bent and fused glass for doors, windows , cabinets , mirrors , tables , ceilings and railings. Preparation of individual projects according to the style and taste of the interior and exterior. The technique is stained glass which is using high quality materials and special paints . Another type of decoration and souvenirs are painted glass lamps and clocks.
If you want to replace the wallpaper and can count on quality home, office , garden, restaurant, hotel , shop walls are painted . The so-called mural which comes from their original use and is now entering a new modern ideas and major themes. Also draws on an individual project .
Last but not least are the paintings on canvas in acrylic technique.
MatureArt offers a new decoration for furniture and joinery. For them, using special paints and materials. Old furniture can continue their need to recover decorate a new method which gives them their style and modern look. We have a wide variety of solutions and methods. And new furniture can be made with even more style and elegance. The materials used are of high quality and durable. Types of effects :
- Crackled furniture , doors, windows , railings , wooden floors, wooden walls and ceilings
- Vertical and horizontal or scratches on furniture, doors , windows, wooden floors , wooden walls and ceilings
- Bulging of cracked paint furniture, windows , doors, wooden flooring, wooden walls and ceilings
- Painted furniture, windows , doors , wooden floors, wooden walls and ceilings

MatureArt work as advertising , which comprises advertising , user plates and inscriptions . Offers a variety of solutions and maximizing the quality performance. Prepare individual projects . The effects of the materials are:

- Highlight films and paints for wood , metal, acrylic , PVC , plastic

- Neon signs of films and paints for wood , metal, acrylic , PVC, plastic

- Relief on wood and glass

- Concave effect in wood

- Hand lettering for wood, acrylic , metal , PVC, plastic

- 3D effects of wood and glass

- Cracked relief effect ( crackled ) on wood , metal, acrylic , PVC, plastic

Specification for glass inscriptions: the glass or window is added directly fused glass letters, which serve as the inscription itself .