Ralitza Dencheva

email: ralitza_dencheva@abv.bg
phone(s): 886096408
address: София, Младост 1, бл.82, ап.57
2009 – Personal Exhibition “Rhythm and fragrance”, Grand Hotel Sofia
2009 – Exhibition with Vasilija Stoilova – “Golden Muse” – Russian Cultural Center, Sofia
2009 – Personal Exhibition in “Avi Art” gallery, Rousse
2009 – Two antologies with her paintings – “Only for you” and “My soul is a moan”
2008 – Personal Exhibition, Nuclear Powerplant “Kozloduj”
2008 – Personal Exhibition “Golden moments”, Art gallery “Minerva”, Grand Hotel Sofia
2008 – Personal Exhibition “Moments in Colour”, TZUM
2008 – Personal Exhibition “Kopnenia”, Art gallery “Sofia University”
2007 – Personal Exhibition “Garden of the Soul”, Grand Hotel Sofia, Sofia
2006 – Personal Exhibition “Moments in Colour”, Grand Hotel Sofia, Sofia
2005 – Personal Exhibition “Flowers” in Grand Hotel Sofia, Sofia
2001 – Wall murals, ODZ Mladost, Sofia
2000 – Participation in Autumn Arts Salon, Shipka 6 Gallery in Sofia
1999 – Personal Exhibition “Drawings”, Gallery Borisova-6, Rousse
1999 – Personal Exhibition “Aspirations”, Izvor Gallery in Sofia
1998 – Participation in Exhibition “Spiritual Messages”, Vitoshka Gallery in Sofia
1997 – Participation in Arts Exhibition in Bucarest, Romania
1994, 95,97 and 98 – Participation in Autumn Salon of Art, Rousse, as Member of Rousse Group of Artists
1991 – Second Personal Exhibition, Rousse
1990 – First Personal Exhibition, Rousse

2010- The Bulgarian Madonnas Exhibition, a project of the International Foundation for Bulgarian Heritage Prof. P. Detev, Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria
2010- Personal Exhibition “States and Moods”- Grand Hotel Sofia
2010- Partitipation in the International exhibition at the Spesialized Expo for Hotel, Restaurant and SPA Equipment at Inter Expo Center, Sofia, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.
2010- Exhibition in the Gallery – Kozloduy
2010- Personal Exhibition “Fragrance and Trepidation- The Bulgaria Hall, Sofia
2011- Personal Exhibition “Anticipations, -The Bulgarian Culture Center, Budapest, Hungary
2011- Personal exhibition in Grand Hotel Sofia
2011- Personal exhibition i n Gallery “Zerliev”- Sofia
2011- Art Exhibition at the Tokuda Hospital
2011- Personal exhibition at The Bulgarian University – Blagoevgrad
2012- Exhibition at the Art Festival in Toronto, Canada
2012- Personal exhibition- EU-Information Center
2012- Personal exhibition in The ART House of Puppers- Sofia
2013 – Personal exhibition “Subdued eternity”, at the Bulgarian Culture Institute in Paris, France
2013- Personal exhibition in the gallery- Sevlievo
2013- Personal exhibition and Presentation of the book “Subdued eternity”- gallery Ikar- Sofia
2013- Personal exhibition 'The scent of the Rose Garden” at Sofia Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria