Jordanka Yaretz

phone(s): 1-604-796-0796
address: Vancouver, Canada
My name is Jordanka Yaretz I was born and raised in Bulgaria and came to Canada in 1970.
I am a self-taught artist and over the years I painted flowers, animals,and mostly portraits in a truly realist manner.
I always wanted to do a series of paintings of my childhood memories in a very simple way. To be able to tell a story through my paintings. My primitive, naive style evolved over the next 19 years.

Eight of my naive paintings of children playing in the snow have been reproduced into Christmas Cards by UNICEF and the Leukemia Research Fund of B.C. Canada, with all proceeds going to the charities involved.
I was featured in countless articles in local newspapers ,including " Chatelaine Magazine". And I also appeared on 4 local TV Shows.

For the last 3 years I have been painting TREES. I have been told my TREE paintings have mysterious human qualities.

My art has been aqquired and enjoyed by collectors all over the world.
Google JORDANKA YARETZ to see more of my Art.