Kiril Stanchev

phone(s): 889607734
address: Ruse
Kiril Stanchev is born in 1974 in the ancient and picturesque Danubian city of Rousse. He is
a representative of the new generation of young Bulgarian artists who are trying to combine the beauty in the tradition of the old masters with the
complex emotions of the present. Inspired initially by the rich cultural atmosphere of his own family, and particularly by his grandfather Kiril
Stanchev Sr., one of the biggest names in Bulgarian art, Stanchev developed his style under the supervision of some of the best Bulgarian artists in
the Sofia College of Fine Arts. According to him nature is the eternal source of the beautiful, it never stops to amaze our imagination and is the
reason for his preoccupation with landscapes.

In the last ten years Kiril Stanchev managed to establish his name among the most promising Bulgarian painters and presented his work in
a number of co-authered and individual exhibitions. His paintings are owned by collectors world-wide, including USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and almost all European countries.

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